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Video Lessons

SATMax includes over 40 hours of whiteboard video lessons.

World-Class Support

Unlimited access to Harvard alumni for all content-related questions.

Practice Questions

Unlimited access to over 1300 practice questions sorted by section and type.

What is SATMax?

SATMax, created by the Harvard alumni that brought you BarMax and LSATMax, is the leading comprehensive SAT prep course available on iPhone & iPad.

Unlike traditional SAT prep courses, SATMax offers students on-demand 24/7 access to world-class SAT instructors who have have scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT.

Instead of feeling left behind or held back in a canned SAT test prep course manufactured for the median of each class, SATMax tailor-makes your lesson plan to hone in on your specific weaknesses and strengths so that you can optimize your score. SATMax’s analytics will track your progress and transform the app into your portable, personal SAT tutor.

With its live message-board community, the advantages of on-demand and live classes have been combined into one course, all at a fraction of the cost of the other SAT courses. The full course costs just $199 and comes with lifetime access so you never have to worry about losing access to the course materials.

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Very user-friendly app at a great price! Would highly recommend to anyone in need of a review course. PARENTS: this is a great review option for your kids!
Gerissa Conforti- SATMax Student
The videos are really descriptive and easy to follow. I like that I can move at my own pace and focus on the areas that are harder for me.
Diana Nguyen- SATMax Student
Amazing app! Definitely a must have for kids! Since it allows lifetime membership, you can start studying way ahead of everyone else!
Duke Tran- SATMax Student
This program’s curriculum is so easy to understand and so helpful. It helped increase my SAT score significantly!
Mattison Donaldson- SATMax Student
Incredibly user friendly and the speaker is very engaging (quite different from the monotonous SAT teachers out there). Would highly recommend!!! Great investment!
Krystle Lilly- SATMax Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does – SATMax is a comprehensive course that has everything you need to maximize your SAT score. It comes with over 40 hours of video lectures, more than 1,300 practice questions and over 600 flashcards to provide a truly comprehensive course.
While SATMax is a remote learning process, you are NOT ALONE! For each question that appears inside of SATMax, there is a specific message-board where students can interact with each other as well as with SATMax’s world-class instructors, who have scored in the 99th percentile on a real SAT and have over ten years of SAT prep experience.

SATMax also includes 24/7 email support and telephone support Monday-Friday 10am-7pm PST.

Yes, you will have access to the full course on one iPad, iPhone and/or iPod touch per account (up to 3 devices in total). Your progress will also sync across your devices, so if you answer some practice questions on your iPhone that progress will appear on your iPad.

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